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Object security & property protection

Object security & property protectionOur highly qualified and long-time experienced security staff works always absolutely attentive, careful and precise.

Therefore we are offering you an optimal twenty-four-seven object security you can count on.
Furthermore we have an excellent empirical knowledge considering property protection of hotels.

The field of duties of our especially on the object trained employees contains:

  • Access and admission control
  • Patrolling
  • Firewatch
  • Outside guard
  • Prevention of vandalism and stealing
  • Attendance of workmen or cleaning service staff while working in areas relevant to safety
  • Access control for specifically important areas in the office or object
  • Inspection rounds
  • Guarantee of general safety and security in the hotel


SKID Security GmbH
Peschke Str. 15
12161 Berlin

+49 30 85103814
+49 30 85103815

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 9am - 17pm
Saturday closed